Siemens and MAR conclude long-term service contract


Photos: Marine- und Automatisierungstechnik Rostock GmbH

Siemens and MAR conclude long-term service contract regarding maintenance of AIS and weather stations on offshore network connections

In the past years, Siemens produced network connection systems for TenneT AG for the offshore converter platforms BorWin 2, HelWin 1 and 2 as well as SylWin 1. The alternating current produced by North Sea wind farms is concentrated and converted into direct current on these platforms. Afterwards the current is transmitted through submarine cables to the coast. Siemens brought these network connections with a transmission performance of 2.9 GW gradually into operation between January and June 2015.

Siemens AG concluded a service contract with MAR GmbH for three of the four projects – BorWin 2, HelWin 1 and SylWin 1 -, which ensures the functioning of AIS and weather stations as a basic requirement for the permanent unmanned operation.

MAR is responsible for engineering, project planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of the complete radio, weather and navigation equipment of these platforms and has established itself as a competent partner in the past.

We are glad about the confidence placed in our work and we look forward to continuing the successful cooperation with Siemens AG.