More Wonderware certifications


Wonderware by Schneider Electric, formerly Invensys, is one of the leading suppliers for industrial automation and information software. This company offers customer-specific solutions: from a simple visualization to precise production data acquisition to an optimized Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Marine- und Automatisierungstechnik Rostock GmbH has certified competences and many years of know-how as system integrator of Wonderware by Schneider Electric. We meet the needs and demands of your company in terms of real-time capability, efficiency and benefit – whether to reduce production costs or for optimizing production processes.

A few weeks ago, our engineers expanded their qualifications and now they hold certificates for Wonderware Systemplatform / Application Server and for Wonderware Historian 11.5.
Our engineers hold the following certificates as Wonderware developer:

  • Wonderware Systemplatform / Application Server 3
  • Wonderware Systemplatform / Application Server 4 (certification 2014)
  • Wonderware InTouch 10.1
  • Wonderware Historian 10.0
  • Wonderware Historian 11.5 (certification 2014)
  • Wonderware Operations 4.0
  • Wonderware Performance 4.0

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