Certification for Wonderware InTouch 11.0 (2014)


The software program InTouch by Wonderware is one of the leading visualization programs in Human Machine Interface (HMI) software. Wonderware InTouch is not only easy to use, it offers also an increase in and an improvement of productivity, efficiency and quality.

The latest version InTouch 11.0 (2014) responds to requirements of clients with increasingly complex plants that have a higher number of measuring points and a higher degree of automation. But the more complex a plant is, the more problems can arise. New features of InTouch 11.0 like Situational Awareness help to visualize critical states even better. This allows the operator to immediately comprehend the problem which helps to prevent downtimes. The simplified plant operation does also enable operators with little experience to detect and solve problems at an early stage.

We gladly make our know-how and experience with Wonderware available to you – since September 15, 2014 MAR is certified for the latest version of the visualization software InTouch.