Zingst Wastewater Treatment Plant, Germany

Drinking water supply and waste water treatment


and water supply


  • Adaptation of the feed pumping plant to increased sewage volume
  • Installation of new low-voltage switchgear for the blower station to increase operational safety


  • Construction of a two-lane pre-cleaning installation (winter and summer operation) with a downstream buffer tank and six speed-controlled rotary piston pumps, including measuring systems and connection to the automation and visualization system for the inflow of the sewage treatment plant
  • Dismantling of the LV switchgear of the blower station and main distribution of the wastewater treatment plant in ongoing operation
  • Installation of a new blower control at the site of the main distribution

Customer Benefits

  • Improved reliability at peak loads (e.g., extreme weather during holiday season) by increasing the maximum feed rate
  • Optimized treatment process due to more continuous wastewater feeding by means of speed-controlled rotary piston pumps
  • Significant increase in operational safety by new blower control system
  • Improved working conditions thanks to air-conditioned control room
  • Better environmental compatibility by making for full compliance with quality standards for discharge water