Wendland Water Board

Drinking water supply and waste water treatment

Upgrade of control and remote control systems for

sewage pump plants


2007 – 21 pumping stations
2009 – 6 pumping stations
2010 – 5 pumping stations
2012 – 8 pumping stations


  • Installation of a new remote control center with superimposed visualization
  • Retrofitting the PLC controls for the pumping stations while completely renewing the electrotechnical equipment of individual pumping stations


  • Upgrading the control system of the pumping stations and connecting it to the control center on the basis of an S7 PLC with a touch panel as well as with SINAUT remote control technology.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased operational reliability by using state-of-the-art remote-control technology acc. to DIN-standards
  • Reduction of idle time due to rapid fault detection and elimination