Offshore Technology

Automating and controlling for a sound environment


converter platforms

Wind energy production and distribution with navigation, radio and communication technology as well as environmental sensors

Under Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ policy (government policy of promoting the replacement of fossile by renewable energy sources on a national scale), the country has set itself the goal to increase the share of renewable energies in electricity consumption to 80% by 2050. Since the first commercial offshore wind farm alpha ventus became operational in 2010, this sector has made significant progress. In the meantime, so-called converter platforms with an electrical output of up to 900 MW collect the electricity generated far off the coast by high-power turbines and convert them into direct current for long-distance low-loss transmission. The infrastructure of such and similar installations places very high demands on availability and reliability in both manned and unmanned operations.


MAR designs, supplies, installs, commissions these systems and provides continuous maintenance and other services.


  • Analogue mobile radio communications
  • Sea / air traffic radio
  • AIS (automatic identification system)
  • Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • NavAids
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)


A selection of the new projects for which MAR has realized the above-mentioned scope either in part or completely (as of 04/2017).

SylWin 1

Grid connection in DC technology (864 MW)

In operation since 2015

BorWin 2

Grid connection in DC technology (800 MW)

In operation since 2015

HelWin 1

Grid connection in DC technology (576 MW)

In operation since 2015

DolWin 3

Grid connection in DC technology (900 MW)

  • Under construction
  • Onshore facilities operational
  • Completion planned for 2018
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