Maritime systems / simulation

Hardware and software components

Simulation devices

for realistic training

Maritime systems

We provide hardware and software components for simulation equipment for the realistic training and training of nautical and technical personnel in sea and inland navigation, control systems for ship systems of different complexity.


  • We develop all solutions for our maritime customers on the basis of commercially available programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from different manufacturers who have the necessary approvals.
  • Such systems are largely “open”, thus ensuring a high level of investment security and are cost-effective in both introduction and maintenance and administration.
  • Programs developed by MAR are the result of many years of experience and innovative power to meet your specific requirements.

Assembly and installation

Installation of project-related hardware

If desired, we also realize the assembly / installation of both the project-supplied and the customer-supplied hardware. Depending on the type, size and location, we can provide support from reliable partners specialized in the execution of such services.


The commissioning of the applications delivered by us is an integral part of the projects. Our customers are international. As a result, worldwide efforts by our engineers and engineers have become self-evident over the years.

We start the commissioning work even before delivery. Detailed test plans, which are tailored to the customer, ensure that we can concentrate on the process-relevant settings, optimizations and decreases in the test environment even in the test environment. This saves costs and ensures a high operating safety.

All applications delivered by MAR have the technical requirements for remote maintenance via the Internet. Today this is the standard and basic prerequisite for high availability with greatly reduced standstill times.


Our customers

We find solutions

Over the years, we have implemented a variety of different projects. Our goal was and is to find exactly the right solution for you. Please give us the key data of your task and we will send you suitable information material. Just send us an  e-mail.

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