Company History

Pioneers of industrial automation

MAR – a company with a tradition

The beginnings

Since founded in 1996, Marine- und Automatisierungstechnik Rostock GmbH – or MAR for short – has been successful with customer-specific solutions that have been innovative and effective as well as good value for money.

Based on the skills of their engineers, software developers and technicians, the company founder Prof Matthias Markert, Ph.D., who has meanwhile retired, and the managing directors Rainer Schau, Dipl.-Ing., and Dietmar Schedler, Dipl.-Ing., have established a competence center for cross-sector industrial automation, production management systems and maritime systems in northern Germany.


In 2009, MAR chose Rostock-Warnemünde Technology Campus as their headquarters and serves customers all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America from there.

Strategic partnership

For being able to offer an even broader range of services and to expand their customer base, MAR entered into a strategic partnership with  SEAR at the beginning of 2014. SEAR is a Rostock company specializing in energy and building as well as in industrial technology. Both companies had cooperated in numerous joint projects before they joined forces. The merger strengthened MAR’s ability to generate innovative and cost-effective solutions for the benefit of their customers. SEAR GmbH has been the sole shareholder of MAR GmbH since 01.01.2019.

We act responsibly

In our daily work, we act conscientiously and in accordance to the fundamental principles of ethics:

  • We develop sustainable solutions with the interests of people, nature and the environment always coming first.
  • Regardless of economic success, we do acknowledge our social responsibility and commit ourselves accordingly.
  • In 2012, the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce adopted ten Guiding Principles for Honourable Merchants, which we adhere to and which our commercial activities are guided by.